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smokeless cigarette reviewsQuick summary: Ladies: it’s taken a while, but you can now buy electronic cigarettes created just for you. Vapor Couture is a slim, stylish e-cigarette with great taste – and it’s made by the same people who make V2 Cigs, so even though it’s a new product we’re more than satisfied with the quality. It’s our editor’s choice for feminine e-cigarettes.

Ever since Virginia Slims came out more than 40 years ago, many women have selected cigarettes that are slim and feminine. Up until now, there hasn’t been an equivalent e-cig on the market. Vapor Couture has filled that void with a terrific new product. Everything about it says “feminine.” The batteries and cartridges are the same thickness as a Virginia Slim, noticeably thinner than a traditional electronic cigarette, and they come in a great variety of matching fashion designs and colors with a mild taste. Even the battery tip is elegant, with a faceted crystal design that glows in different colors.

Perhaps the place to start with Vapor Couture is with the look. As mentioned they’re a slim e-cig, and there are four distinctive battery and cartridge colors and patterns available. The white motif has an repeating, classy and understated VC logo, the others are deep purple, attractive metallic rose gold and brushed platinum. Most people will probably want to match the color of the battery to the color of the cartridge, but you also have the option of mixing colors if you prefer. The flavors are also distinctive: two tobacco flavors (hearty Bombshell and rich Rodeo Drive), Fresh Mint (a mix of mint and menthol), Passion Fruit, Strawberry Champagne and Arctic Mint. They’re available in zero nicotine, ultra-light, light and full flavor strengths, and you can choose five-packs, 20-packs or 40-packs. All cartridges are blister-packed with freshness dating.

The deluxe starter kit we tested had two batteries, a USB/AC adapter and ten cartridges. One battery was white with a delicate VS logo pattern, the other was a metallic rose gold; each had a matching set of cartridges. The kit also came with a cool clutch purse, complete with mirror. We found the vapor to be mild and satisfying, without a harsh throat hit but with a pretty strong vapor cloud on the exhale. Somewhat delicate, and definitely feminine in appeal. The batteries and cartridges each lasted longer than the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. Other available accessories include pretty lanyards or charm bracelets to hold your electronic cigarette, as well as a car charger.

Many e-cigarettes on the market are interchangeable; you can often use cartridges from one brand with the battery from another. That’s not the case with Vapor Couture, which some may see as a drawback. But if you have made the decision to go with the very different look and feel of this brand, you probably aren’t interested in trying to cut corners in that way.

It’s not often we see a new e-cigarette that is distinctive and a welcome addition to the market. Vapor Couture is definitely one of those products, and we believe there’s a market that will welcome a truly feminine electronic cigarette.

PRICE: Starter kits range from $99.95 to $149.95. (Note: price comparisons are difficult because each company includes different products in their kits.) Use the code “smokingsection15” for a 15% discount on all Vapor Couture starter kits. Use the code “smokingsection” for a 10% discount on all other Vapor Couture merchandise. (Note: the availability of discount codes for our visitors has no effect, pro or con, on our reviews.)



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