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Quick Summary: Real Electronic offers a solid two-piece e-cigarette with good taste and smooth draw; there are two different product lines depending on your preferences for options and price.

Real Electronic Cigarettes has something for just about everyone, with two different lines of standard electronic cigarettes plus high-quality three-piece ecigs and tank kits. We liked their flavor and vapor feel.

Their top-of-the-line brand is the Duo Pro, which is available in several different kits as well as individual components. There are many options here, with seven flavors (tobacco, menthol, cherry, chocolate, Cuban cigar, vanilla and coffee) and four different levels of nicotine from full flavor to zero nicotine. There are also four different color batteries available, and kits come with a charger pack and car charger. Real Electronic also offers a smaller economy kit called the SmokePass, which comes with two batteries, five carts and a standard charger at a much lower price.

The full flavor cartridges aren’t quite as strong as some (16 mg instead of 18 mg) which some purists might consider a slight drawback. However, the taste is good (and we noticed there’s no strong aftertaste, common with many brands) and the vapor is smooth – so the issue of 2 mg of nicotine is a minor one to our minds. The throat hit was mild, and the vapor clouds were well above average; not the thickest we’ve seen, but certainly good. Cartridges lasted about the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes, around the average we’ve found from most brands.

We also tested Real Electronic’s three-piece e-cigarette, the Vapor King Storm. As we’ve mentioned in other reviews, three-piece ecigs aren’t our preference, but we were impressed with the solid construction and easy draw, Of course, there are many choices for e-liquid flavors if you go the three-piece route; they offer everything from tobacco and menthol, to apple and strawberry, to cappucino and cola.

Real has a one-year warranty on their products and a rewards club; we found their products well worth checking out.

PRICE: Starter kits from $69.95-$124.95 for the Duo Pro, $34.95 for the SmokePass. (Note: price comparisons are difficult because each company includes different products in their kits.) Use the code “VAPOR” for a 10% discount on all merchandise. (Note: the availability of discount codes for our visitors has no effect, pro or con, on our reviews.)




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