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Quick summary: NuvoCig is a sleek-looking electronic cigarette, with standard silver batteries and cartridges. However, we found the silver cartridges were distracting to use. There is a huge selection of flavors, with extra strong nicotine levels available

Putting aside the question of the silver carts, Nuvo is a middle-of-the road ecig, with a decent throat hit and a moderate amount of vapor. They have lots of choices once you move up the price ladder a bit. There are also some nice options in terms of carrying cases and chargers.

We tested the Nuvo “Longer Lasting USB Kit,” a simple starter kit which comes with a battery, two cartridges and a USB charger – very reasonably priced. We thought that the battery charge and cartridge life was a little below average, and as previously mentioned, we weren’t crazy about the silver cartridges; we felt they were too slippery when you put them between your lips, and didn’t really simulate the feeling of smoking a tobacco cigarette. The taste was pretty close to that of many other e-cigs on the market, and the vaping experience was fine, leaning a little more to the “throat hit” side and a little less to the “smooth” side of the spectrum. There are nine other starter kits available with various options, including carrying packs that turn into wall chargers, big batteries, different colors of batteries and different cartridge flavors, car chargers, and so on.

NuvoCig currently offers 19 different cartridge flavors. Of course there are tobacco and menthol; the choices then span the range of savory such as coffee, cinnamon, spearmint and whiskey, to fruit flavors such as peach, mango, lemon-lime and strawberry, to novelty flavors like atomic fireball and champagne. The strengths available are labelled super high (a whopping 36mg), high (24mg) , medium (18mg), light (12mg) and no nicotine; not every flavor is available in all strength options.

There are several interesting accessories for sale on the Nuvo website, including a multi-color battery with the tip glowing a different color each time you take a puff, and an “ultimate” battery that’s larger than a standard sized cigarette, but carries a much longer-lasting charge.

NuvoCig is priced right with some interesting options, but we couldn’t get past the feel of the silver cartridges between our lips. You may feel differently.

PRICE: Starter kits: $24.99-149.00. (Note: price comparisons are difficult because each company includes different products in their kits.) 



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