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Airport Smoking List

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Airports Rated

A Smoking in gate waiting area
B Bars/restaurants near gates
C Easy access to outside
D Glass room -or- outside is within 200 yards of gates -or- bars/restaurants far fromgates
E No smoking inside; outside is far from gates


Dallas Love Field (served only by Southwest Airline)   Texas


Albuquerque - restaurants   New Mexico
Boston (Logan) - bars, easy access to outside   Massachusetts
Charlotte   North Carolina
Charleston - indoor smoking lounge very close to gate areas with a great view of the runway traffic   West Virginia
Cincinnati - smoking in a couple of bars   Ohio
Cleveland   Ohio
Columbus - back room of restaurant on 2nd level, no purchase required    Ohio
Dayton - smoking in a couple of snack bars   Ohio
Detroit   Michigan
Fairbanks - Smoking in cocktail lounge only, near security gate    Alaska
Fort Lauderdale - bars, small terminal   Florida
John F. Kennedy   New York
LaGuardia   New York
Lubbock - restaurant, small terminal   Texas
Moline - smoking in coffee shop not far from gates; easy access to outside; waiting lobbies outside security but convenient   Illinois
National - some bars (hard to find)   Washington DC
Norfolk - glass rooms near gates   Virginia
Ontario - bars   Canada
Orange County (John Wayne)   California
Philadelphia - restaurants   Pennsylvania
Phoenix - some bars (hard to find)   Arizona
Pittsburgh   Pennsylvania
Richmond - designated smoking areas near gates   Virginia
Tampa - restaurants   Florida
Tucson   Arizona


Dallas (DFW) - easy access to outside   Texas
Los Angeles (LAX) - easy access to outside balconies   California
Worcester - no smoking inside terminal   Massachusetts


Atlanta (Hartsfield) - glass room   Georgia
Cincinnati - glass room   Ohio
Denver (new airport) - bar, $2 coffee   Colorado
Dulles   Washington DC
El Paso - cute outside patio, take a right at bottom of escalator    Texas
Islip - small terminal, no smoking inside   New York
Las Vegas (McCarran) - glass room   Nevada
New Orleans - restaurants far from gates   Louisiana
Newark   New Jersey
Orlando   Florida
Raleigh-Durham   North Carolina
Salt Lake City - glass room   Utah
San Francisco - glass room   California
St Louis   Missouri
Tulsa - glass room   Oklahoma


Anchorage   Alaska
Austin   Texas
Colorado Springs   Colorado
Chicago (O'Hare)   Illinois
Daytona Beach   Florida
Fort Smith   Texas
Hartford   Connecticut
Kansas City   Missouri
Knoxville   Tennessee
Memphis   Tennessee
Miami   Florida
Milwaukee   Wisconsin
Minneapolis   Minnesota
Oakland   California
Palm Beach   Florida
Redding   Pennsylvania
Reno   Nevada
Sacramento   California
San Diego   California
San Jose   California
Santa Barbara   California
Seattle/Tacoma - if you're in one of the satellite terminals, you'll have to ride a train to get outside   Washington
Springfield   Illinois
St. Petersburg-Clearwater   Florida