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Great Deal from now until Xmas at Real Electronic: 20% off

One of the e-cigarette companies that sometimes gets lost in the promotional shuffle is Real Electronic Cigarettes – but they’ve got a terrific deal running from now right through Christmas. Order $100 or more in merchandise, and we have a coupon f0r you that’s good for 20% off your whole order. If you’ve been curious about vaping with e-liquid, it might be a great time to pick up their highly-rated Vapor King system, or you may want to just stock up on cartridges. Whatever your choice, just use coupon code “XMAS100″ to get your 20% off right through December 25. Click here to shop.

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  1. November 12th, 2015 at 15:11 | #1

    Well, the cheap part was given. Here’s the problem:-Only works ocsocianally, most of the time giving a Charging not supported with this device error on my phone (iPhone 4).-When it does charge, it’s extraordinarily slow.-Even if it worked flawlessly, there’s an intense, overly bright red light on the front that will absolutely blind you driving at night.100% waste of money at any price.

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