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British Authority Comes Down on the Side of E-Cigarettes

As British officials consider whether to extend bans on public smoking to the use of electronic cigarettes, a noted UK authority has cast his lot in favor of ecigs.

Professor John Britton is the head of the tobacco advisory group for the British Royal College of Physicians. And he tells the BBC that “Nicotine itself is not a particularly hazardous drug. It’s something on a par with the effects you get from caffeine.”

Professor Britton goes on to say that, in his view, if all smokers in Great Britain gave up tobacco cigarettes and took up e-cigarettes, it would save five million lives. In his words, the use of e-cigs is “a massive potential public health prize.”

A decision on whether to tighten regulations on the use of electronic cigarettes in Britain is expected within the next month.

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More Valentine’s Day E-Cig Deals

Here’s a roundup of Valentine’s Day sales available from various electronic cigarette companies:

Green Smoke is offering 15% off almost everything on their site, from now through February 14.

V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture have expedited Valentine’s Day shipping, a free upgrade from 3-day to 2-day delivery, if you order before 3pm on February 12.

Premium Electronic is offering two-for-one on kits – buy one starter kit and you get a second one free. Now through February 15.

Why settle for just candy and flowers when getting a V-Day present for your sweetheart? Give the gift of e-cigarettes and change their life!

Just click on any of the companies’ site links, including the links in the “Current Specials” column to your right, to get any of these deals.

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The Safe Cig Shut Down?

It appears that one of the original electronic cigarettes on the market, The Safe Cig, is temporarily or permanently shut down. Their website currently redirects to something called “Seminole Cig,” their phone number doesn’t work and their affiliate program has been closed. The only contact we have had with them asked us whether we wanted to continue to list them on our site, but we haven’t heard anything back after responding. We don’t know any more details, but will certainly report on them as we find them.

In response, V2 Cigs has launched a program offering a free Safe Cig to V2 adapter to anyone who buys V2 cartridges, from now through the end of February. This adapter will let Safe Cig customers use V2 carts with their existing Safe Cig batteries. You can get more details on the V2 offer here.

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40% Off on Kits at South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that will last longer than a vaseful of flowers or a box of chocolates?

South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke are each offering their starter kits for a whopping discount during their “Blow Kisses, Not Smoke” sale. From now through Valentine’s Day, all kits (except disposables) are for sale at 30% off – and if you get to them by using one of their links on our site, you get an extra 10% off. That’s a total of 40% off, just through February 14th. What better way to tell someone you love them, than to get them off the cigarettes and onto a better alternative?

Just use any of the South Beach or EverSmoke links on our site (including the ones to your right, under the heading “Current Specials”) to get started with 40% off.

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Noted Doctor Recommends Electronic Cigarettes to Patients

Dr. Keith Ablow, a noted psychiatrist and member of the Fox News medical team, has written on the Fox News site about his experiences with electronic cigarettes.  Ablow says he now recommends ecigs to patients who have tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking. And he is calling on other doctors to do the same.

Based on the experiences of his patients, Ablow says he believes that e-cigarettes are a good option for smoking cessation because while they do simulate the act of smoking, they don’t do so in a perfect way, meaning they’re a good substitute for tobacco cigarettes but not “good” enough to become just another addition.

Ablow concedes that there is still controversy about whether ecigs are harmless by themselves, since they do contain nicotine and other substances which could possibly cause illness, even cancer. But he cites claims by makers of the devices that the amounts of those other substances are so small that they would have no real-life effect on the user.

And he restates the “fact” – which has not been reliably disputed by any studies or experts – that using electronic cigarettes is far safer than smoking tobacco ones.

That has led Ablow to call for large-scale, clinical trials on e-cigarettes. And he believes that if the trials show that e-cigs are a viable replacement product, that insurance companies should provide electronic cigarettes to smokers, without cost. His belief is that supplying the devices would be a lot less expensive for insurers, than paying to treat cancer and heart disease contracted as a result of smoking.

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Big Game Sale: 15% off at Green Smoke

Here’s another reason to celebrate Super Bowl weekend: the Big Game sale at Green Smoke.

They’re offering their classic starter kit for just $49.97 – that’s a savings of $20 from their already discounted price. It includes one long and one short battery, a USB charger with home adapter and five cartridges.

Don’t need a starter kit? No problem – they’re also offering 15% off just about everything else on their site, from now through February 4.  So you can stock up before or after the game — depending on whether you plan on celebrating a bit too much on game day ;)

Just click any of the Green Smoke links on our site – including the one to your right, under the heading “Current Specials” – to get started.

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15% Off at V2 Cigs, Two Days Only

V2 Cigs is running a two day sale, on Monday and Tuesday 1/28 and 1/29 – 15% off everything in their store. And the great thing is, you can also use our coupon codes (available in the column to your right, under the heading “Current Specials”) at checkout, to save even more. Save on batteries, cartridges, accessories, you name it. They’re promoting it as a New Year’s Resolution sale, but you don’t need a reason to save 20% or more (their 15% plus the added savings from our coupons) – and they still offer free, flat-rate shipping as well.

Just click on any V2 Cigs link on our site (we’d recommend using the links to your right, so you can cut and paste the coupon code as well) to get started.

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DiCaprio Using E-Cigarettes

E Online reports that apparently actor Leonardo DiCaprio is  trying to kick his cigarette habit again.

The Django Unchained star was photographed using his ecig this week as he left a nightspot in Los Angeles with Kevin Connolly. the star of Entourage.

DiCaprio is one of a long list of celebrities who’ve turned to electronic cigarettes in recent years; check out our article on celebrities and e-cigarettes for a full rundown of the famous folks who have tried, or switched, to e-cigarettes.


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15% off through Monday at Green Smoke

There’s never a “bad reason” for a sale – and while a Presidential Inauguration isn’t the most common explanation, there’s no reason to vote against Green Smoke’s 15% off sale. From now through Monday (inauguration day), they’re offering a 15% discount on just about everything on their site, from kits to refill cartridges to accessories. Just use the coupon code “USA” on your purchase between now and Monday, and you’ll elect to save big on one of our top-rated brands. Click any of the Green Smoke links on our site, including the one in the “Discounts” box to your right, to get started now.

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FDA Solicits Comments on E-Cigarettes

In keeping with their announcement to regulate e-cigarettes under the Tobacco Control Act, the Food and Drug Administration is asking for public comments. The FDA plans to use these comments as part of their rulemaking procedure, in determining how electronic cigarettes are marketed and sold, so their eventual action can drastically affect the way people are able to buy and use e-cigs.

There’s no guarantee of which way this FDA rulemaking procedure will go, so it’s crucial that e-cigarette users register their opinions. It’s easy and important. Here’s how to do it:

1. Visit:!documentDetail;D=FDA-2012-N-1148-0011
2. Click the “Comment Now” button
3. Write your experience

Online submissions can be sent until Wednesday, January 16. Please take a minute and register your opinion.

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