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15% off through Monday at Green Smoke

There’s never a “bad reason” for a sale – and while a Presidential Inauguration isn’t the most common explanation, there’s no reason to vote against Green Smoke’s 15% off sale. From now through Monday (inauguration day), they’re offering a 15% discount on just about everything on their site, from kits to refill cartridges to accessories. Just use the coupon code “USA” on your purchase between now and Monday, and you’ll elect to save big on one of our top-rated brands. Click any of the Green Smoke links on our site, including the one in the “Discounts” box to your right, to get started now.

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admin Author: Phil Sirkin. Phil Sirkin is an award-winning journalist and author. He has spent more than 25 years in the broadcast industry and is also an avid electronic cigarette enthusiast. Phil Sirkin on Google+

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  1. July 26th, 2015 at 14:10 | #1

    I remember one or two of the girls in our crowd back in the day (the late 1960s) who would oolasicnacly stump up an exorbitant sum of money for a (wooden) box of Sobranie Cocktails. They did it to appear ‘flash’, which smoking their usual (cheap) No.6 or (even cheaper) No. 10 wouldnn’t have done.What was good for them, though, is that the things had such a repulsive smell (think burning camel dung) that no-one ever took them when it was their turn to ‘crash the ash’. A win-win!one of my (Conservative) MEPs (apparently I have 3 MEPs – including Nikki Sinclaire!) replied to my (Forest-generated) email regarding the TPD, but did so with a diatribe on packaging (not part of the TPD, of course). He referred to the big bad Tobacco Companies introducing packets that slide open (the horror!) to reveal their toxic contents, and that this appeals to young girls because it is like using a lipstick!My wife was faintly amused by this, pointing out the inconvenient fact that lipstick comes in narrow cylinders and uses a twist (not slide) action to get at the contents. But then anyone living in the real world would have known that anyway.I am formulating a suitably caustic reply to this utter cretin!

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